Learning English is made easier through our simple, animated videos demonstrating everyday situations

PPM directed award-winning series English My Way: Learning Circles in partnership with BBC Learning English, British Council and Tinder Foundation. Using dynamic graphics and illustrations, we created easy-to-understand animated videos  to demonstrate everyday scenarios that people learning English may encounter.

The series

The BBC English My Way online language course is created as a toolkit for people who want to learn English but may not be able to attend formal classes. Through Learning Circles online resources, anyone can access the videos, share with others and learn in their own time.

What we did

Our talented illustrator created colourful and quirky background graphics as backdrops to filming real people doing everyday things. Through our specialist lighting skills and green-screen techniques, we directed everyday scenarios such as catching a bus or going to the market and presented them in a way that’s fun and easy to understand.

A PPM production in conjunction with:

BBC Learning English
Tinder Foundation
British Council logo