BBC Click presenter Spencer Kelly demonstrated the world’s first 360 degree magic trick at the RTS Cambridge Convention 2015

BBC Click asked PPM to produce a session at the RTS Cambridge Convention 2015 explaining how the latest smartphone technology will transform the television industry in the near future.

PPM collaborated with Anthony Owen (Objective Productions) to produce the world’s first magic trick in 360 video.

When viewed on a VR headset, magician Ben Hart gives viewers an inside view on how the trick is performed.

During the session BBC Director General Tony Hall was invited to try the experience.

Watch magician Ben Hart’s performance for the first time in regular 2D before scrolling below to watch in 360

Now watch the trick again in 360:

Produced by PPM Production, Objective Productions, BBC Click and Visualise for the Royal Television Society Cambridge Convention 2015.

Photographs by Paul Hampartsoumian

Watch: The Rise of the Smartphones – BBC Click at the Royal Television Cambridge Convention 2015