One microphone, no script. Just true stories, told live.

BBC Radio 4

Helen Zaltzman invites brave members of the public to take to the stage in front of a live audience to tell a true personal story of escape.

We hear three people fighting their way out of difficult situations – a late-night attack in a phone box, being swept out to sea by a strong current, and the unusual advances of a surgeon with a bladder fetish.

Funny, sometimes shocking and all true, these are remarkable tales of life-changing experiences.

Truth Be Told features stories first told at live storytelling nights across the UK including Spark London, The Moth and Natural Born Storytellers.

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Each story was brilliantly told, but it was their truth that made them shine. The ridiculous, unimaginable detail, the shock of madness suddenly revealed within mundane life. A great show, and I hope Radio 4 invests in a series.”

Miranda Sawyer, The Observer

The voice in my head asks me, ‘So what happens now, Nav? How does this end?’

Pharmacy student Nav Chawla tells her true story of being attached in a phonebox.
Truth Be Told – Episode 1 – “Tales of Escape”

Truth Be Told

Presenter: Helen Zaltzman
Contributors: Jane Walshe, Nav Chawla and David Dinnell

Sound Engineers: Gerry O’Riordan and Tom Burchell

Producer: Matt Hill
Executive Producer: Dirk Maggs

A PPM production for BBC Radio 4.