Private Eye's 60th Anniversary Celebration

Private Eye Magazine

Photo: Jan Ravens by LD Media UK/Shutterstock
To celebrate Private Eye’s 60th Anniversary, a host of stars perform extracts from all six decades of the magazine alongside editor Ian Hislop.
Peter Price directed and edited this seven episode series featuring impressionists Jan Ravens, Lewis Macleod and Harry Enfield as well as regular Private Eye contributors Sarah Shannon, Zoom Rockman and Andrew Hunter Murray.
The series accompanies the Private Eye 60 Yearbook written by Adam Macqueen - available in all good bookshops.
About Private Eye
Private Eye is the UK's number one best-selling news and current affairs magazine. Edited by Ian Hislop and published fortnightly, it is currently read by over 700,000 readers and available from all good newsagents for just £2.50.
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About the Private Eye 60 Yearbook
Private Eye: The 60 Yearbook is a history of the last 60 years, as seen by Britain's first, most successful and indeed only fortnightly satirical magazine.
From the Beatles to Brexit, JFK to Trump, the Moon landings to the Mars landings, it tells the story of the past six decades as they were recorded in the Eye's pages.
The news stories you remember - and plenty you may have forgotten - are retold in cartoons, covers and the magazine's legendary spoofs as well as extensive extracts from some of its best-loved features like Mrs Wilson's Diary, Dear Bill and The Secret Diary of John Major.
Episode 2 - 1960s
Episode 3 - 1970s
Episode 4 - 1980s
Episode 5 - 1990s
Episode 6 - 2000s
Episode 7 - 2010s

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