Adele Roberts looks at the dramatic rise in the number of young people becoming homeless in the UK and the terrible consequences this has for their mental health. Listen now on BBC iPlayer.
Everybody's circumstances can change in a flash and we hear from several young people who never thought becoming homeless would happen to them. Their lives have been turned upside down by things beyond their control.
In this programme we challenge the stereotype of a homeless person. The young people you hear are like many others - they're studding at college during the day but doing their homework on night buses, sleeping in parks, sofa surfing or even staying with strangers they've met on the internet.

Adele Roberts, BBC Radio 1

We hear from Ben who was made homeless when his mother died and he couldn't pay the rent. Beth was forced to leave home when her drug-addict mother was evicted. Jess's mother couldn't cope with her mental health issues, forcing Jess to leave home. Macaulay was the victim of domestic abuse by his mum's partner and Romain was kicked out because he didn't get on with his mother.
Without somewhere to call home the young people in this programme experienced mental health issues they didn't know they had - making it a struggle to get back on their feet. Adele asks why so many young people are falling through the cracks and explains the help available.
The show hears about a wide variety of organisations working in this area, including Centrepoint, End Youth Homelessness, Cardboard Citizens and New Horizon Youth Centre. For help and advice head to the BBC's Advice pages.
The Centrepoint helpline number mentioned in the show is 0808 800 0661 Lines are open Mon-Friday 9am to 5pm.
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