Directed by Peter Price, The Grammar Gameshow is a fun series to test English language learners around the world.
The presenter is a bit strange, the points don't make sense and the prizes could use some improvement, but at least the grammar is correct!
There are 30 episodes covering everything from tenses, adjectives, nouns to adverbs of frequency, relative clauses and prepositions.
Your host is Will - the quirky quizzer with a terrible taste in ties.
Peter Price directed a team of producers, studio operators and actors to produce this feast of bad-jokes and even worse prizes. The multi-camera setup allowed for a fast-turnaround and ease of publishing in multiple languages.
The series is available on YouTube and on the BBC Learning English website where you will also find downloadable worksheets and lesson plans.
Peter Price in The Grammar Gameshow studio
Peter Price in The Grammar Gameshow studio
Cast and crew of The Grammar Gameshow
Cast and crew of The Grammar Gameshow
One Production, Many Languages
The Grammar Gameshow has been successfully adapted by many of the BBC's global language services. These screenshots are from the Chinese version of the series.
The Many Faces of Will
Crazy Characters
The Grammar Gameshow features a cast of crazy characters - performed by our talented company of actors.

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